Overview of a valley
What we do

Pacific Coast Civil, Inc. is centrally located in Agoura Hills, California and serves all of Southern California. Our skill and expertise covers all aspects of the civil engineering discipline.

Our team has an abundance of combined experience in land development and has cultivated strong relationships with local agencies at the city and county levels. When a client has a challenging project, our team readily steps up with strategy and problem solving for sustainable results. To ensure difficult projects succeed our team has incorporated specialized features such as hillside grading design, sewer lift stations and storm water sump pumps. At Pacific Coast Civil, Inc. we are committed to providing cost effective and sustainable civil engineering solutions for every client.

Project Diversity

Our civil engineering team has worked with private and public entities all over Southern California to complete a diverse portfolio of projects. We handle both large- and small-scale projects for single- and multi-family residential development, commercial buildings, mixed-use communities, recreational, and government developments. Pacific Coast Civil, Inc. prepares tentative and final maps and legal descriptions that are necessary in all types of development, as well as marketing materials for large scale projects. View our portfolio to experience the diverse range of projects we have completed.